Samsung Note 5 Battery Replacement

When the battery of your Samsung Note 5 discontinues charging, most of your daily chores can be disrupted. Because a lot of people depend on their cellphones a lot more than calls, a battery problem can be upsetting. Oftentimes the issue is malfunction or damage. But it could be also a problem of drain battery and overuse of the battery. There are some things which you can do to try to boost the performance of your Samsung Note 5 battery.

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Troubleshooting Samsung Note 5 Battery Issues

Changing certain settings and applications can cut back the life of the battery of your cellphone. Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services whenever you’re not utilizing them. These cellphone services use up the cellphone battery life fleetly. Turn on vibrate setting only when necessary, because it utilizes more battery compared to a ring tone. The internet and the camera are some other battery-draining phone features, and so assess and restrict the use of these phone features if possible.

Also you can check your applications and do some clean up. If your phone got any installed applications but actually never use them, uninstalling these apps can help conserve the life of your phone’s battery.

You may have overheard that you have to run the battery of your cellphone completely down to 0% in order to “train” the battery to grasp a charge; but this is not true. Many latest cellphones utilize lithium batteries which are fashioned to charge frequently. Actually, letting your cellphone battery run all the way up to 0% can be harmful.

Heat can degrade the power of your battery; therefore ensure that you do not leave your phone in the sun, on the car’s dashboard or next to devices that release heat. However, your cellphone battery can run slow also as it’s very cold, thus it is recommended to avoid high temperatures.

Repairing Samsung Note 5 Battery

If you’ve done all necessary actions to cut back the use of battery and still it’s not putting up the charge, you may need to replace or repair your Samsung Note 5 battery. Professional technicians can do Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery replacement. You can bring it or mail it to the repair center and let them do the replacement or repair.