How to Avoid Danger on Your Teeth

Are you conscious enough with what your smile look like? Or rather have your teeth good whiteness? In the event that you notice the bad look of it, you would want to try most of the whitening products that will enable restore your teeth’s whiteness. Food and drinks consumed daily are most probably the reason why this happens at all at any time. So, you can consider a minimal intake of the drinks such as below.

  1. Coffee and tea – most of us wants and loves to drink coffee. Yet this is one of the staining agents of the teeth and could eventually turn it to yellowish in the long run. Also, much consumption of the tea can stain our teeth. These two, could erode the enamel when not taken in minimal amount.
  2. Carbonated Drinks – this are typically present on beverages especially the colored ones such as the soft drinks. These drinks are the major cause of tooth discoloration and enamel erosion. A lot of people just love consuming such without realizing the bad effect of it to the teeth. That is, proper cleaning and brushing of the teeth is essential after the consumption of these carbonated drinks.

Moreover, the acids that were present on the food react with the mouth saliva causing the substance to absorb the enamel and eventually change the color of the tooth. There are foods that have high teeth-staining factors. Though this does not mean you avoid eating much of your favorite foods. In many cases when the tooth got its yellowish color, you can turn to some of the remedies to do. There are proper ways to combat the discoloration of your teeth such as home-used over the counter products and laser teeth whitening.

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