Questions about Express Replacement Service

When it comes to quick solutions for iPhone users, customer chooses the Express Replacement Service (ERS) for an iPhone repair. Compared to a Standard Mail-in Service that takes 7-10 business days to complete, Express Replacement Service only takes 2-3 business days. But how does this process works?

Can customer apply for Express Replacement Service online? There is only one way on how to process an ERS, customer should call Apple. Customers need to provide basic information such as name, email address, shipping address and serial number. Apple advisors that handles call for ERS will also ask questions such as, “has the device been in contact with liquid” or “did you drop the device by any chance.” They will take note of the answers given and keep a record of it.

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What is a repair ID? A repair ID is an alphanumeric code that are given to the customer by Apple advisors after the call. This serves as a proof that a customer requested for the Express Replacement Service for an Apple device. Customer should take note of the repair ID. In cases there are problems during the process, they can call Apple and provide the repair ID, and track the status of their device.

Are there fees for ERS? Since the device will be sent to the customer’s doorstep in just 2-3 business days, there is an initial fee of 29 pounds. There is also a holding amount that will be charge to the customer. Holding amount because it will be returned when the customer is able to return the defective device within 7 days to Apple.

How does an Apple customer pay for ERS? After the call, customer will receive a web payment link. Customer will fill in the information needed such as bank account details. Putting information on the link would only mean that the customer agrees that there are fees included on the process. If the customer is not able to receive any link, customer can call Apple for assistance. After the link has been accessed by the customer and information are complete, Apple will be sending a replacement device within 2-3 business days.