How To Start Animal Photography

One of the most frustrating and hardest aspects of animal photography is not just searching for animals, but the real process of shooting and composing without disquieting the animals. By knowing and understanding the behavior and personalities of your subject and yours too, you can significantly increase your odds of having the picture you’re searching for.  Having yourself part of the setting can make a big difference in having placed for a perfectly angled, vibrant and stunning picture.

  • Get out. Of course, the longer time you spend outside, the more chances you’ll get at seeing animals. Places frequented by several folks have a tendency to have animal that’s familiar to the presence of human, raising the chance of seeing animals, as well as raising your possibilities of getting time to set out a photo.
  • Be very patient. Patience as always pays-off in animal photography. Before taking pictures you should be very patient and calm to find animals. Being impatient, loud and hurried can lead to alarming your animal subject and nearby wildlife.
  • Approach in a diagonal. Directly walking toward animal works in certain situations, however in most cases can chase the animal away easily. If possible approach always in an angle, utilizing super slow actions that are nearly vertical to a straight path.
  • Have your digital camera always ready. It’s optimal always – though oftentimes maybe unlikely – to have the camera ready. Whenever I have my camera, several times I will measure the light and then adjust the settings of the camera for such conditions.

These are just some tips you can try while enjoying animal photography. Bear in mind always that your top priority should be the safety of the animals.