Different Car Washing Systems In Existence

All vehicle owners must wash and clean their vehicles; however cleaning a car on your own and at home can be energy consuming and boring. Car wash automatic is becoming a lot more famous nowadays with car owners. Automatic carwash in Melbourne is also earning popularity quickly.

Car wash automatic system for vehicles was initially introduced in 1914 by two people from Detroit; since then it has continued to improve and gained popularity. The finest part of utilizing an automatic carwash service is that it’s not only cost-effect but also a huge time saver. One can find “drive through” carwashes available in some gas stations which make it super easy for them to have the car sparkling and shinning in just a few minutes, whenever filling up a car tank.

However it’s important to remember that automates are not all the same. Some of the various car washing systems present are below:

  • Self-service – this type of automate utilizes open-bay system. There’s a foam brush connected to the central pump and a pressure sprayer. This service is coin-operated.
  • Exterior rollover – in this system, one person drives the vehicle in the bay and then the advanced cleaning equipment will do the rest of the washing job. Most gas stations, normally, have this type of car washing system.
  • Exterior only – the driver drives the vehicle into the bay with the front tires positioned at a conveyor belt. The vehicle is washed automatically with various washing and cleaning equipment.
  • Full service – this is an improved version of exterior only carwash type. It’s the same in the sense that the front tires are positioned in the conveyor belt. The difference is that the in this service the inner part of the vehicle is cleaned as well, though just manually by the car wash attendants.