Can You Trust a Distant Employee?

Over the decade, I think the virtual companies have already existed for as many as the real companies in this world. Many are still in doubt of having a distant employee for their virtual office. Well why not. In real companies, there are many employees who can be hardly trusted, what more when you outsource the jobs offshore or to a very distant country? I would answer this doubts by faith. You know, faith is having to trust even if you do not see. But hey, you also need to be wise. Hence, you need to design your program for this. Being responsible for the truth and being open minded and not have a presupposition that the employee you just hired will be dishonest. Give chance. And be patient.

It will be very helpful if you have your offshore employee hired from a reputable outsourcing firms. Among the once I have stumbled upon before are the RemoteWorkmate, Odesk, Bestjobs, and EESolutions. It pays when you go to these kind of outsourcing offices who have been in this field for years already. They know the ups and downs when it comes to outsourcing. They surely have screened the best choices for your distant employees-to-be.

There is no fear in business, usually. It is always taking risk. But you need wisdom in taking risks and making the decisions. Some would rely on luck. However, it is not always luck. It is hard to rely on it alone. You can be strategic and succeed. Also, the big thing about this is that, whether you get a good or not so good employee, if you are a good boss, you can actually bring out the best in your employee. Have the heart to build up a distant VA and you will reap the good result that cannot be actually paid by money.