How to Pick the Perfect Dress for Your Next Interview

interview dress

When it comes to nailing a job interview, the importance of dressing for success cannot be understated. The right outfit can give you the confidence you need to exude professionalism and land the gig. However, nailing the perfect interview dress can be easier said than done. This is especially true if you’re uncertain about the company’s dress code. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the dos and don’ts of picking an interview dress.

The Dos and Don’ts of Picking an Interview Dress

When going on an interview, it is always better to overdress than underdress. This shows that you are taking the interview seriously and are respectful of the company’s time. For women, this generally means wearing a dress or skirt suit. However, if you are interviewing for a more casual company, a nice pantsuit may also be appropriate. In either case, make sure your clothes are clean and pressed and that your shoes are shined. You want to look put together and professional.

To help you find the perfect balance, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when picking an interview dress. DO opt for a classic silhouette. A-line dresses and shift dresses are always good bets. They are flattering on most body types and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Don’t go for anything too revealing. You want to make a good impression, but

Here are some tips for what to wear to a job interview: 

  • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This means dressing in a way that is appropriate for the role you are applying for. 
  • Avoid wearing anything that is too revealing or inappropriate. You want to make a good impression and looking professional is important.
  • Keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free. This shows that you are neat and put together. 
  • Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. First impressions count, and your shoes say a lot about you.

The Best Colors to Wear to an Interview 

The colors you wear to an interview are important. You want to look professional and competent, but you also want to look approachable and friendly. The best colors to wear to an interview are navy blue, black, gray, and brown. Avoid wearing bright colors, patterns, or anything that would distract the interviewer from your qualifications.

Some colors just don’t convey the right message in an interview setting. They can make you look unprofessional, or even uninterested in the job. Here are some of the worst colors to wear to an interview: 

White:  White can be seen as too informal for an interview. It’s the color of summer dresses and casual wear, not serious business attire. 

Black:  Black is often seen as too formal or harsh for an interview. It can convey a lack of warmth, and make you seem unapproachable.

How to Avoid Making a Mistake with Your Interview Dress

The best way to avoid making a mistake with your interview dress is to be familiar with the company’s dress code. If the company is business casual, then you should wear a suit. If the company is more casual, then you can wear a dress or skirt. However, if you are unsure of the dress code, it is always best to err on the side of caution and dress formally.

For example, if you are interviewing for a job in a law firm, you would want to wear a suit. However, if you are interviewing for a job in a more relaxed environment, such as a start-up company, you might want to dress in business casual attire.

How to Accessorize Your Dress 

When you are dressing for an interview, it is important to remember that your goal is to create a professional image. Focus on choosing classic pieces that will make you look put-together and polished. One way to do this is to focus on accessories. A well-chosen accessory can really elevate your look and help you to stand out in a positive way. For example, if you are wearing a simple black dress, consider adding a statement necklace or a pair of earrings. If you are wearing a suit, make sure your shoes are clean and stylish. In general, it is best to keep your accessories simple and under