Ceduna’s natural Attractions

If you are in Ceduna for a vacation or holiday or for whatever the reasons and you are looking for a local Ceduna attractions here are the list of the places you can think of and maybe take time to consider and include in your list.

  • Ceduna Arts & Culture Center – with authentic Aboriginal art, craft and artifacts
  • Ceduna National Trust Museum – with historic collection of pioneer, farm and the Maralinga memorabilia.
  • Wombat Fauna Rescue Homestead – with their baby wombats, the kangaroos, the emus, then galahs and other animals
  • Bureau of Meteorology Weather Ballon Release – with a free tour, includes preparation and setting up of weather balloon
  • Ceduna’s Coastal Walking Trail – ideal for cycling or a brisk walk
  • Pinky Point Lookout – views over the wharf area, islands, then the channel and the Denial Bay
  • Nuyts Archipelago – this Islands of Nuyts Archipelago is only for a few kilometers offshore from Ceduna.

Those are just some of the local attractions in Ceduna. Just standby for more updates or search in your internet for fresh information. An excellent variety of trips and tours are always available for you to decide on from and there’s another one you will never forget was the experience of whale watching at the top of Bight or Fowlers Bay — in season, it is in the of July-October. But most of all don’t forget to find your Ceduna accommodation for your stay.